Thursday, 9 October 2014

How to keep a tenant happy in Canterbury

With the prices of houses increasing up and down the country – in Canterbury this is 8.27% on average – it is now more important than ever to give your tenants what they want, because I can promise you if you don’t offer it to them, there’s another landlord out there who will.
I am not talking about giving tenants the silver spoon service or dancing to their every tune, but I am talking about being an interactive landlord. I have included just a few simple, and I would hope in most cases, obvious tips.
Ask yourself and answer this question honestly and you wont go far wrong. If you walked into your house, would you live in it, in its current condition? If the answer is no then there is work to be done. It is really as simple as that. Modern and clean is not a tenant luxury. It is a basic requirement if you are to secure a decent tenant at the right rent.
Once you’ve got your tenants, you should be trying to keep hold of them. There’s a very simple message here and that is that a good landlord is an attentive and responsive landlord. Don't hide from them, ignore them or hope they will go away. Deal with their issue straight away. This simply means that you listen to the needs of your tenants and you act on them. A good place to start with this is that you give your tenants your direct phone number and encourage them to call you if they need anything. If you have a managing agent be sure to engage with your tenant, via your agent in exactly the same way. It might surprise some of you to know that this would already give you a competitive edge of others.
Finally, if you want your tenants to remain happy, give them the appliances and tools that they need to keep the property in good shape. This could mean supplying that vacuum cleaner that you weren’t going to offer originally. However, by offering one, you’re ensuring the continued support of your tenants, but you’re also giving you property the best chance to remain in good condition for as long as possible.
So there you have it: three ways to keep you tenants happy and ensure they keep your property looking happy.
It can really be that simple. It will only be as hard as you make it.

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