Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump and the UK Housing Market

Whilst I don't like the man - the American people have spoken.

.. but this isn't the end of the world for the UK or its Property market!

Cancel the Nuclear Shelter off Amazon and just take a deep breath for a second.

There are questions about the level of competence of Mr Trump but before you all go and panic ... don't forget that Reagan was also regarded as grossly incompetent — by the world's media and the High Brow Washington establishment .. but not by Republican voters in 1980 (and re-elected in 1984) ..
The upper-class Washington types depicted Reagan as some sort of B-rated cowboy film star who was all 'yeaa-haw' and a loose cannon, who might be just tolerable as the governor of California, but who was definitely not sophisticated enough to comprehend, let alone conduct, foreign policy of the US Presidency.If memory serves me well - on most things (not all) - he did a pretty good job
There are plenty of other factors, closer to home, that we need to be concerned about than the President of the US and the effect of the UK Housing Market

.. just my opinion ............

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