Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cracking yield of 7.16% in Sturry Road, Canterbury.

One of the regular requests that I receive from investment Landlords is what are the best type of properties to invest in. In the main, I reply, it's not so much about the type of property, but what is the best yield and what's, more importantly, in constant demand.
The above being the case, then 'budget' two bedroom apartments are always top of the list and when I say 'budget' I mean those that are sub £900.00 per month rent, which are great for sharers / students. One of the other great attractions of these properties are the room sizes, as they are far larger than a modern build.
Therefore, taking all of this into consideration, you can see why the property below caught my eye. It's on with Miles & Barr and they are looking for £147,500 and I would reckon that there's a deal to be made on that price. Let's take an example (this example is one of our two beds, within 100 metres of this property) of a monthly rental of £880.00 and this property gives you a cracking yield of 7.16%.
I suspect that the inside may need a bit of work, as there's no inside 'piccies', but generally the works should be fairly cosmetic.

Take a look at the details here

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