Saturday, 28 February 2015

National Landords Association

What a difference a day makes……. yesterday was a beautiful day and today it’s now back to the winter blues…. This being said, let’s hope the Rugby score on Sunday is going to be a victory for England (apologies to my Landlords in the Emerald Isle!), that will certainly make the sun shine in my little world!
Anyway, back to business or should I say lack of…. It’s a bit strange for a Saturday morning without any decent investment properties coming onto the market, but then again this could be another indicator of the market slowdown that I mentioned the other day. However, another bit of news has caught my attention that I would not only like to share with you, but also recommend you should attend.
The National Landlords Association (NLA) is an excellent organisation for not only existing Landlords, but also great for anyone looking to become a Landlord. They really know their subject and offer great assistance to their members. The local representative for Kent is Marion Money, whom I have met on a number of occasions and whilst being a ‘fountain of knowledge’, is also a Landlord herself, which means that she has a great understanding of the market, plus all of its advantages and pitfalls!
On the 16th March 2015 at 17.30hrs they will be holding a Landlords Information Evening at the Darwin Conference Suite, Darwin College, University of Kent. CT2 7NY. The meeting lasts for about three hours and they normally have some great speakers with very useful advice / information / updates on regulation. It’s well worth attending.
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