Saturday, 21 November 2015

Herne Bay - potential 5.82% yield at £165K - 2 bed apartment

Blinking flip!………..Is it cold or is it cold!! Winter is certainly with us. Whilst keeping warm and checking Rightmove this morning, I found a great investment has just come onto the property market in Herne Bay. It’s a two bed apartment for £165K with Kimber Woodward and it’s a real cracker.

Let’s start with the asking price. At £165K it’s a great bargain and at this price will not be around long. The location is brilliant, as it’s close to the major road infrastructure of the Thanet Way, creating easy access for young professional tenants. It’s age / condition is also excellent, so it’s ‘good to go’ from an investment viewpoint.

Turning to the rental aspect of the property, I’ll take a real conservative viewpoint and state that the rental figure would be (at the very worse!) £750 per month, which will give you a good yield of 5.45% and at £800 per month, it would take the yield to a cracking 5.82%.

What about the capital growth? Well, these apartments in Weyman Terrace were built circa 2013 and the growth in the past year has been circa 7.81%. Try getting that at a building society!

Again, this is proving my view on the Herne Bay market, i.e. great area to invest in, with an good capital growth!

Check it out at and give the agent a call.

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